New Adventures in Web Design

My #naconf pass

As I sat down on my desk to start typing the obligatory enthusiastic blog post about New Adventures in Web Design, one thing dawned to me: I really don’t know what to say.

Other than I had a terrific time, that is.

The place

Maybe I see things through the tourist’s rose-tinted glasses, and maybe I like UK a bit too much for my own good, but I loved Nottingham.

The city is pretty and clean and friendly. People were eager to help and cheerful. Everything was just a walk around the centre – none of the usual London hustle. It was cold but not too cold – even though the temperature dropped below zero at nights, I felt quite nice for the exotic bird I am.

It was a great place to host a conference – not too big, not too small, just perfect.

The talks

I spent a full day hearing web design supernovas talking about new ideas and perspectives. What’s not to love?

Each and every presentation had its unique charm. If I had to choose one as a highlight, that’d be the one lovely Ms. Veerle Pieters gave. Not that it was the most innovative, but because it felt like it was made directly for me, procrastinating little me that always struggles to find inspiration and turn it to something useful. It’s good to see that people as insanely creative as Veerle is face the same dilemmas and anxiety as everyone else.

The people

Conferences should be all about the people though. And what matters the most to me is that this particular conference was a terrific chance to see Yiannis again (and share a room, school excursion style) and finally (emphasis please) meet Maria, aka acidsmile, aka one of my favourite people on the webs since time immemorial.

I also had the chance to talk briefly with Mitul, who I’ve only met through Twitter (cheers friend!). Being an introvert person, I really didn’t jump at the chance to start talking to other attendees and I now regret it. Maybe I should. Maybe it’s a goal for the next conference.

The host

I’ll bow towards the general direction of Nottingham, because Mr. Collison has done a great job in making us all feel warm and welcome. He really looks like a sweet, humble person, instantly likeable. A terrific host. The standing O at the end of the conference didn’t do him justice.

The outcome

Please, mr. Collison, can we have another? People seem to have liked it a lot.

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