Not a Phone Person

Ok, I’m not a phone person, I admit it. If it’s a crime, then I’m guilty.

I hate talking to people on the phone. If it’s with friends, I can manage, but still, I’m a horrible phone-talker (I think I just made this word up), I don’t find anything important to say after 30 seconds and I usually hang up in a somewhat abrupt and rude fashion.

My real problem is when I have to talk to people about work issues, or bureaucracy, or whatever outside a simple conversation. I have to think it over and over in my mind before I actually take the leap and pick up the damn phone. I usually feel really nervous before this kind of calls, cold-sweated nervous, trembling-hands nervous.

I usually prefer communicating by e-mail, a fact that my parents never understood. They are this kind of people that cannot merely understand how a person can get things done only be e-mail! Preposterous. They’re usually like “Ok, e-mail them, but phone them afterwards just to make sure”. My techy parents, bless them.

There is no end to my pathological hate of talking to clients on the phone. Or having to collaborate with somebody else on the phone. Or doing whatever on the phone, apart from some minutes of idle chat.

I’m sure there is a kind of psychological explanation for all this. I fail to see it and I won’t change my ways anytime soon.

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