Sugarenia & Stelabouras Make a Podcast (aka SSMaP)

Today marks the start of a new venture in content generation for me. A podcast.

Me and best friend and geek accomplice Stelabouras decided to share our chaotic conversations with all of you, so we gave this duo podcast a try. It’s called Sugarenia & Stelabouras Make a Podcast but we’ll excuse you if you use SSMaP, really. It sounds cooler anyway.

It was fun to record and very quick (was having second thoughts about podcasting time but it’s not that bad after all, especially if Stelios is taking all the editing weight). It’s in greek, sorry international friends. It covers a wide range of geekery, from social media to apple fanboyism, MMOs and whatever goes. We’ll try and keep a weekly schedule, there’s no shortage of cool news around for sure, but it’s not strict.

One thing is certain: we liked the response and we’ll do it again.


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