The Zen of CSS design


Finally, after the well-known and much loved web site – project, the book.

The Zen of CSS design book is, to put it mildly, one of the best books based on CSS design and web standards. It’s a must have for both amateur / hobbyists and advanced / professional web designers, since it combines great CSS tips and techniques with essential web design practices.

I bought it some weeks ago, and I must say that I had to restrain myself from reading it from cover to cover in just one session. A classy, elegant book graced by simple writing, easy and pleasant to read.

Brilliant book from some great web professionals! (Dave Shea & Molly E. Holzschlag)

Things I Loved

  • The abundance of clear explanatory images which illustrate the book.
  • The numerous links to online resources which include some real gems.
  • The elegant and classy pages, subtle colours and typography which urges you to read the book.
  • The structure and division of content, which covers all major aspects of current web design.
  • The gazillion of creative ideas that spawn in your mind after reading just one section of the book.

Things I’m Sceptical About

  • The size of the book, a bit unpractical and uneasy.
  • The lack of actual guidance, since the book is a collection of hints ‘n’ tips and not a hands-on tutorial.
  • The language used may cause difficulties to non-native english speakers, in some parts.

As you too can see, it is difficult to spot any weak points in that book. It’s a must-have for any dedicated CSS fan, so if you’re into web standards, go buy it now.

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