Book Review: Designing the moment by Robert Hoekman Jr.

I’ve reviewed mr. Hoekman’s Designing the Obvious book in the past – I must say I’m somehow biased, since I enjoy too much the way he writes. His books are simple and easy to follow and much focused – something that is a bit rare in the “Web Design” shelf, take my word for that.

Designing the Moment: Web Interface Design Concepts in Action” (as its full title goes) is no different. In this, mr. Hoekman touches most current web design aspects (or problems) and presents his take on how to design in a more effective but simpler manner.

Tag clouds, video players, forms, even the almighty (and common as hell) blog design gets tossed into Hoekman’s blender and gets out leaner and meaner. I agree with most of his points but not with all – that’s the beauty of it all, it’s like having a normal conversation with a fellow web designer, discussing the practical matters at hand. I like practical.

I can’t say if I like DtM or DtO best – they’re two different takes on the same problem. What I really liked in this was the fact that practical examples were given everywhere throughout the book. Did I say I love practical?

It’s simple, it’s short, and if you’re concerned about the best way to design things, it might get a special place in your bookplace. Give it a try.

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