CSS3.gr goes live!

After many design iterations, bugs, mockups and mucho debate in our Basecamp, CSS3.gr is finally here.

An idea of Yiannis Konstantakopoulos, amassing 5 people willing to explain Greece why standards is the one way to (online) enlightenment.

I was blessed (and cursed) with the design of it, took me ages, but I think it went pretty well overall. There are still some bugs here and there, some we know, some we know not, so drop us a line and tell us what doesn’t work for you.

We will not pretend we’re experts, we’re just learning just like everyone else. We’re just vocal about what we learn.

For all the non-greek speaking friends out there, sorry, the site is Greek-only. It was about time I got the chance to express myself in my mother tongue – as much as I despise some of its limitations.

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